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 Malihini Membership & Sustainable Ecotourism
Coming to Maui?...  We're giving visitors to Maui the unique opportunity to help protect our island eco-systems and have fun while doing it as a member and volunteer of the American Reef Coalition.

SAVING THE PLANET THROUGH SUSTAINABLE ECO-TOURISM               Want to get away from the throngs of tourists? Join the American Reef Coalition as we explore the islands of Maui and Lana'i.  Malihini (Visitor) Members have priority placement on all volunteer opportunities.  You'll see remote areas of the islands that most people can only dream of and you will help save the planet, one natural environment at a time!     

From the top of the world...

Haleakala, the worlds largest dormant volcano at over 10,000' above sea level


To the jungles and waterfalls of East Maui...


To the "Garden of the Gods" on the private island of Lana'i...

To the secluded beaches... 

To snorkeling and scuba diving the tropical reefs...

No, this picture is NOT photoshopped.  Yes, those are wild dolphins swimming with Jenna.

Spend the day with ARC staff as a Member and Volunteer.                   Malihini Membership is $175 per person.  It's tax deductible and your contribution in time and donations help to sustain our efforts to protect and conserve the unique ecosystems of Maui Nui for future generations.

The American Reef Coalition is a Maui based nature conservation nonprofit with a IRS 501(c)(3) designation                

Any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below or you can email: or call 808-870-5817

Q: What volunteer opportunities are available?
Scroll down to our Mission Descriptions.  Every day is different, depending on weather and mission.  We could be in Maui's windward jungles searching for and removing invasive species, monitoring or re-establishing endemic species or performing trail maintenance.    We could be in the ocean performing sea turtle and marine mammal surveys or removing invasive species and derelict fishing gear.  Or, we could be on the island of Lana'i removing marine debris from the islands remote windward beaches or fringing reefs. 

Call us and let us know what days you will be available and what mission you would prefer.  We can give you a good idea of what to expect, what to wear, transportation arrangements, etc.,  808-870-5817.  

Q: How much is Malihini Membership and how do I donate to the American Reef Coalition?

A: Membership is $175 per person.  You can donate online through or give us a call at 808-870-5817.    

Click on the Turtle to donate                                 Click on Donate above

Q: How much of my Membership Fee is tax deductible?
A: The American Reef Coalition is a IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  As such, your membership fee is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. 

Q: How many missions can we volunteer for as a Malihini Member?
A: Membership gives you priority placement on any one mission with availability.  We will reserve your place on that mission.  Let us know if there are any additional missions you would like to volunteer for and we'll place you on standby for that mission.  We keep our groups small so it's best to call ahead to reserve your place.

Can we bring the kids?
A: Absolutely.  Our program is easily geared toward the family.  Minimum age to join a mission is six years accompanied by an adult.       
Q: What are the benefits of Malihini Membership?
A: Members have priority placement on a volunteer opportunity of their choice on the islands of Maui or Lana'i.  The staff of American Reef Coalition will be your guides.   Depending on the mission, we provide day-packs, hydration packs, snorkel gear, scuba gear, lunch and water.  To get in on the mission of your choice it's best to contact us early to reserve your placement.  Weather and safety conditions are always the final determining factor on all missions. 

Mission Descriptions:
Maui ~  
Protecting the watershed, native plant and animal life are important to the life of the island and the surrounding coral reefs.  These missions take us into the wet windward side of the island or into leeward natural areas or into the Haleakala Crater.  Certain introduced species of plants and animals can effect the natural balance of the islands ecosystems and there is always trail maintenance to do.  Help us on our missions to repair these finely balanced ecosystems.                  

Turtle Surveys ~  Travel with the staff of American Reef Coalition as we survey everyone's favorite sea critter.  Learn to tell the difference between a Hawaiian Hawksbill Turtle and a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle as we keep track of their numbers, location and general health.   

Coral Reefs ~ 
Coral reefs play a vital roll in the health of our planet. 
Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens of thousands of marine species.  Our missions here can encompass reef monitoring, removal of derelict fishing gear and marine debris, surveys of environmental moorings, monitoring and removal of invasive species and reef rehabilitation.

Island of Lana'i ~
We love Lana'i.  Miles of remote island beaches and pristine fringing reefs.  
Help us on one of our Lana'i missions removing marine debris and monitoring the reefs of this jewel of an island.  The cost of ferry transportation to and from Lana'i is an extra $40 per person.

SCUBA? ~ Yep.  There be opportunity for SCUBA diving for certified divers.  As a certified SCUBA Volunteer, you're skilled labor. 


If you have any questions, or would like to reserve a day as a volunteer, email us at: 
Or call us at: 808-870-5817


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